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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Why do you spell Aall Bright with 2 "A"s?
A:  When I started my business, I wanted to be sure to be at the top of the yellow page listings.  Pretty clever I think & by the way, it works! 
Q:  I bought a coupon, when the guys arrived, they said there was a $20 trip charge.  Why?
A:  We design our coupons to offer our customers a substantial savings and to allow us the opportunity to either; upsell, earn your repeat business or at least, get a referral.  Of course, we offer the coupon; so we know not all jobs will be as profitable as the next.  As always, we try to give fair prices regardless.  However, please be aware, in most cases I only get to keep 50% of the price you paid for your coupon voucher.  So, if you are more than 15 miles from Tampa, Fl.  33612, there may be a minimum $20 trip charge. Please see the fine print on your coupon for distance.   If you are using a pressure washing coupon, we may charge $20 to pay for the chemicals needed to get your home it's cleanest.  However, if you receive additional service of at least $100, we will waive additional fees.  We never have additional fees on regular service.  (except Sundays)  Keep in mind, if you have a small house, it may not be worth it to buy a coupon.  You may want to pay regular price, it may be lower.
Q:  What type of chemicals do you need?
A:  We use chlorine to kill algae.  This is Florida, mold/mildew & algae are common.  We run the chlorine through the pressure washer, so it's mixed with water, it's not much stronger than pool water.  So, you don't usually need to worry about plants, but you may want to cover them just in case.  Also, just the amount of water from pressure washing may prove stressful on some flowers/plants.  Also, be sure to remove or cover cushions, and other out door fabric items.
Q:  What type of payment do you accept?
A:  We gladly accept cash & checks.  We can email a receipt.

Q: Do I have to be home for my appointment?
A: You or someone at least 18 years of age should be there for the appointment. It is usually better for us if the person that scheduled the job, is there for us, to avoid any confusion.  Also, payment is due in full at the time of service. If you need to leave during our appointment that's ok, just leave your form of payment with us before you go and we'll email a receipt.
Q: Do you work on weekends?
A: Yes! We happily work Monday thru Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday. For Sunday appointments, we do have a non-refundable $50 fee, to be paid in advance via credit card, also, coupons & discounts do not apply. We may also require a $50 non-refundable deposit for appointments before 7am.
Q: Do I need to open my blinds?
A: No need, we'll open your blinds, work around window treatments, lock windows when we're finished and close the blinds.
Q:  Why a 5 hour appointment window?
A:  To better accommodate all of our customers.  We try to schedule customers in the same area on the same day.  Sometimes we may be closer to the next person, or someone has rescheduled that was before you, now we'd be coming earlier.  But, we will call you when we're on the way, so we don't expect you to sit home & wait, just be near by.  If no one is home for our appointment, or otherwise not ready, we will go on to the next job.  If you're using a coupon, we may redeem it to cover travel expenses.
Q: I have a big dog, should I kennel him?
A: We love pets. Most of us have pets. If your pet is ok with us, we're ok with it. If your pet doesn't like new people, you should kennel your pet before we get there. We always close gates and doors behind us, but you should take necessary precautions if your pet is an escape artist, or a runner. We may need to leave gates open for our hoses & equipment.
Q: What other services do you offer?
A: We offer professional window cleaning, pressure washing & gutter cleaning service to residential & commercial customers.
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Since 2000!
Q: Are you licensed?
A: We are licensed, bonded and fully insured. Just ask to see.

Q:  I only want the outside windows cleaned, do you do that?
A:  We'll do whatever you want, it's your house.  However, if you're paying for window cleaning, you want the best "end result" you can get.  Often times, the inside is so dusty, after we clean the inside, people say "wow!  What a difference!", then I say, "wait 'til we clean the outside!"  It really does make a nice difference in the way your home looks & feels.
Q:  I have dogs, do I need to scoop poop?
A:  Yes please!  If we, or our equipment get "messy" from your pet's waste, there may be a $20 charge.
Q:  I have a coupon, can I switch it up a little?
A:  I'm sorry, no substitutions.  Our coupons are designed to provide great savings for our cutomers, and provide us with the opportunity to upsell and/or earn your repeat business. 
Q:  I missed my appointment, I had purchased a coupon voucher, do I lose my money?
A:  We understand sometimes things happen.  We will be happy to reschedule, however, we may have already redeemed that voucher.  To reschedule, we would charge regular price, minus what you paid for your voucher, so you don't lose out.  We may require a $50 non refundable deposit to hold another appointment. 
Q:  I had purchased a coupon, but have been so busy, I just noticed it has expired.  Will you still honor the coupon?
A:   We understand when you're busy, time can get away from you.  If you schedule prior to the expiration of your coupon, we will still honor it.  If you call after the expiration, we will still honor the coupon, but we would charge regular price, less what you paid for your voucher, so you don't lose out. 

toll free:  1-866-510-7393
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